Miniature Leather Doll Pin

OOAK Leather Healing Doll Pin by Lorna ParisThe epitome of Art2Wear, Lorna has been creating intricately designed, miniature, OOAK, all-leather doll pins for more than 15 years.

This cutie, designed especially for doll enthusiast Debbie Garrett, is called “Little Healing Doll.”

Commissioned “Chocolate Leather Gems”

In 2011, Lorna had the pleasure of being commissioned to make one of a kind (OOAK) leather dolls for Debbie Garrett‘s (avid doll enthusiast, historian, collector and author of three books on collecting black dolls) online doll club’s annual club doll.

Previously, Debbie has had some of the world’s foremost doll artists create dolls for her club, some of whom include: My Twinn, Laura Tuzio Ross, Lorna Miller-Sands, Madame Alexander, and Ping Lau.

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