Lorna Paris, ‘leather doll’ artisan extraordinaire

For more than 20 years, Lorna Paris has crafted one of a kind (OOAK), handmade, collectible, all leather dolls and pouches.  In an effort to build brand awareness for Lorna’s unique and distinctive leather creations, in addition to lornaparis.com, you can also go to leatherdolls.com to access this website. 

Fire Island Rockhead Exhibit

We’re excited to announce the exhibition of several newly designed, OOAK rockhead pins that will be featured at the Laughing Gull Artisans Gallery at Ocean Beach on Fire Island, NY. [Map it]


Each pin’s adorable face is hand painted in the distinctive Lorna Paris style and is crafted out of stones, rocks and shells discovered at Lorna’ favorite place – the beach – as well as semi-precious stones.
lorna paris rockhead pins lorna paris rockhead pins lorna paris rockhead pins